Pay Florida Parking Ticket and Cost

Paying for a parking ticket in Florida has become more convenient than ever with the option to pay online. Gone are the days of mailing checks or waiting in long lines at the courthouse.

You can now simply visit the PayFLClerk portal to take care of your fines. When paying your Florida parking ticket online, be prepared to provide your citation number and other required information. You can quickly resolve your parking ticket issues in Florida with just a few clicks.

Florida Parking Ticket Cost

In Florida, parking violations come with different costs depending on the type of violation. On average, a Parking Ticket in Florida costs $30. The exact cost varies depending on the city and the type of parking violation. Here are some examples of different parking violations in different counties.

To make the information clear and easy to understand, here’s a list of most common parking violations and their associated costs

Parking ViolationCost
Expired Meter$25
No Parking Zone$30
Unauthorized Handicap Parking$250
Blocking Traffic Flow$25
Residential Parking Violation$35
Parking Ticket Cost in Florida
  • In Lakeland, disabled parking violations cost up to $250.
  • In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, normal parking ticket violations cost $30, and handicapped parking violations cost $250.
  • In St. Pete Beach, parking violations may result in a civil penalty not to exceed $100.00 plus court costs.
  • In Orlando, improper parking violations such as parking facing the opposite flow of traffic or parking with the front of the vehicle facing traffic cost $30.00.
  • In Miami-Dade County, parking fines can range from $23 for an expired meter to $253 for parking in a disabled space without a permit.
Florida Parking Ticket

Steps to Pay FL Parking Tickets Online

Follow the steps below to pay your Florida parking citation online:

  1. Find the appropriate website: Go to the Pay FL Clerks traffic ticket porta.
  2. Enter your citation number: Once on the Pay FL Clerk’s website, you’ll need to enter your parking citation number. It can be found on your parking ticket.
  3. Select ticketing county: After entering your citation number, you will need to select the county where your ticket was issued. You will then be redirected to the specific Clerk of Court payment site for that county.
  4. Choose a payment option: Review the available payment options and select the one that’s most convenient for you. Various options include paying by credit card, debit card, or electronic check.
  5. Verify information: Before making the payment, double-check the details you’ve entered, such as your citation number and personal information. Make sure everything is accurate to avoid any issues or delays in processing your payment.
  6. Submit payment: Once you’ve verified your information and are ready to proceed, submit your payment. A confirmation page will appear, providing a receipt for your records.
  7. Consider a payment plan: If you’re unable to pay the full amount of your parking ticket in one payment, consider contacting the Clerk of Court to inquire about a payment plan. This may provide you with additional time to pay off your ticket without incurring any late fees or penalties.

By following these steps, you can quickly and easily pay your Florida parking ticket online, saving you time and preventing any further consequences for unpaid citations.

Remember to check the specific office hours and payment options available for your county to ensure a smooth and successful parking ticket payment. By staying informed and acting within the given deadlines, you can avoid additional fines and potential complications.

Parking Violations Cost in Florida

In Florida, parking violations come with different costs depending on the type of violation. To make the information clear and easy to understand, the most common parking violations and their associated costs have been presented in a table.

Parking ViolationCost
Expired Meter$25
No Parking Zone$30
Unauthorized Handicap Parking$250
Blocking Traffic Flow$25
Residential Parking Violation$35

It’s important to know that these costs can vary slightly between different cities and counties due to local regulations. If you’re unsure about a specific parking violation, it’s always best to check with your local Clerk of Court. Many parking violations can be paid online by visiting websites such as PayFLClerk.

Remember that quick payment is required to prevent further fees and penalties. Most parking tickets allow you to pay them without accumulating late penalties for a certain amount of time. Still, if you wait too long or fail to pay on time, the cost of your parking ticket may rise, and you may face extra penalties such as a vehicle registration hold or even a license suspension.

If you suspect a parking ticket was issued in error, you could request a court hearing to appeal the charge. Depending on your local jurisdiction’s regulations, you can usually do this online or in person at the Clerk of Court’s office.

How much does a parking citation cost in Florida?

A parking citation cost in Florida is around $30, but this citation cost changes depending upon the type of parking violation and the area of the parking violation. So, It’s important to check the fine amount listed on your parking ticket or consult the local authority’s website or clerk’s for accurate information.

What is the deadline to pay a parking ticket in FL?

You have 30 days from the date of issuance to pay a parking citation in Florida. Deadlines may differ depending on the specific jurisdiction. Be sure to verify the due date on your parking ticket.

What are the consequences of not paying a parking citation in Florida?

Failure to pay a parking citation in Florida can result in late fees, driver’s license suspension, vehicle registration holds, and even collection actions. It’s crucial to address parking citations in a timely manner to avoid these consequences. You can find more information on Florida’s official Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website.

How can I dispute a parking ticket in Miami Beach?

In order to contest a Miami Beach parking ticket, you must file a request for a hearing within the time limit, which is usually 30 days after getting the ticket. To do this, either follow the directions on your parking ticket or call the Clerk of Court in your area. Give any proof that will help your case, like photos or statements from witnesses, to improve your chances of getting the ticket thrown out or the fine lowered.

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  1. I received a Parking Fee Notice ($87) from a private parking company. It is not an issued ticket from a city or state, its from a company. But it says if not paid in 30 days the account will be considered in default and assigned a debt collector. And the vehicle may be subject to towing or booting.

    In Florida, are private parking tickets / parking fee notices legally enforceable in the same way as government-issued tickets? Can the private company force one to pay the fee, report the unpaid fee to DMV, or affect one’s credit score?


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